Vintage Jewellery: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Jewellery Closer…

Vintage Rocks.

Adore and Adorned 
A dizzying array of trends may storm in and out of fashion,
but Vintage Jewellery is the one that never gets away.

Worn lavishly by the starlets of the past and
stylishly revived in the present,
vintage accessories brings old school Hollywood glamour and charm.

The State of Grace’s Vintage Jewellery Collection 
The State of Grace is about YOUR unique expression.
Vintage jewellery is rarely repeated and unapologetically fabulous –
just like you!

It is therefore a perfect addition to our bespoke offering,
to present a vintage collection of one-off
statement jewellery pieces.

This collection has been passionately and expertly curated
from all corners of the globe by
Justine Silver.

1940’s Juliana Bib Necklace
Sparkling Rhinestones and Crystals for Total Transformation

And dip into the 1920s
with Miriam Haskell’s inimitable statement necklaces.

Miriam Haskell 

If a necklace is not your thing, then transform your outift with
show stopping vintage earrings and cocktail bracelets.

Deco Chandelier Earrings and Cocktail Bracelets

Modern Day Vixens do Vintage 

                                                                     Rihanna                                                                                                                 Florence

To give vintage jewellery a stylish modern twist,
wear punchy colours, hair tied back
and some killer heels.

Ken Lane
Quirky Neon Glass
Funky Forties
Citrus Shoes and Cognac Jewels

If you would like to personalise your Vintage Jewellery,
then we have our very own signature “Vintage Rassemblage” range.

This collection is created by Justine Silver
and, just like our garments and accessories, can be designed
especially for you.

You can enjoy selecting the perfect colours, style and sparkling details
to adorn your dress and your wardrobe to wear long into the future…

Tantalizing Turquoise
1910 Eisenberg Pendant with Iolite
From Russia with Love

So… come and be unadulterated and unapologetic
with stunning style and sparkle.
You know you rock.


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