Couture Hat Designs: Why not let Summer go straight to your head?


The State of Grace spins off its
eye-catching, head-turning, breath-taking, show-stopping
hats and hair adornments.

Wherever you find yourself this jubilant, Olympian Summer
head for the top with our individually and lovingly designed
hats and hair adornments.

All hand-crafted from a sumptuous array of
delicate feathers, sought-after silks, gleaming pearls and fine crystals.

Gorgeous blooms
Try a trimming of florals and frills in ravishing silk.

Majestic Royal
Go sublime and surreal with stately shapes and extravagant brims.

Sensual and Sumptuous
Grand stand with vintage feathers embellished with glittering stones.

You Jezebel You
When you desire to reveal your real attitude, there is no point compromising.
Bespoke’s the only way to go. It’s your upward path to self-expression.

So titillate with a demure veil and some sassy asymmetry
to exude show stopping confidence.

It can all be summarised in one word: Glamour.
Oh, all right, two words: Exclusive Glamour.

Stay out of the shade with your very own design
from The State of Grace.
Nothing can top it.


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