A Fairytale Wedding Dress for The Happiest Bride Imaginable

Some words of praise from one of our Brides…


Dear Lucia, Claire and the Team at The State of Grace, It really is hard to find the words to express how greatly you contributed to making me feel so happy and lucky on the most wonderful day of my life. The Carroll-Bennett wedding was the best fun I have ever had!!!!! Basically a room full of happy people. Friends and family from all over the globe partying like they had been friends for 40 years. And the venue was impossibly glamorous. So sumptuous and elegant. We truly felt like it was the best dream possible. Heaven in fact.

 Through your talent and personal investment, you were able to give me (a very self conscious girl) a rare sense of pride and confidence. I felt fabulous. I felt totally and utterly myself. I felt genuine. I felt original, as if I I were showing everyone who I was. I felt proud to walk down the aisle to Chris in front of all of our friends and family. The dress induced true romance and celebration and I never wanted to take it off.

The dress and accessories you designed and created are more beautiful and more appropriate than I could ever have imagined and I will never forget how dressing for the day both kick started the excitement and encapsulated a very romantic and longed-for event.

My mother and father think the world of you both, you will have the business of every friend of mine from Australia and the UK, my husband thinks you’re amazing…. and I will be your loyal fan, customer and friend always.

 I hope we can have a champagne at the Savoy one day soon.

Much love to you both,

Tasmin xx


But beyond brides-to-be, The State of Grace is your red carpet personal service, here to deliver everything you need to look your authentic best on any party day. Our showcase of adornments, jewellery, shoes and accessories were as admired by accompanying best friends, sisters and mothers at The Luxury Wedding Show, who loved our head-to-toe service with limitless creativity for special occasion wear.

So if you’ve got a wedding, winter party or red carpet day, make your entrance a State of Grace show stopping one. For your free consultation email info@thestateofgrace.com or call us on 0207 183 2729


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