Finishing Touches: Bespoke and Vintage Jewellery and Accessories


You’ve got the perfect dress but how do you get the right accessories? Creating the perfect look with a unique hairpiece and jewellery requires taking clues from the dress as well as the event itself. Where is the wedding venue? What time of day is the wedding? These can offer hints as to how formal a look you may want to create, and also give you some idea as to the colour palette that best suits where you’re going.
Next use the dress style, cut and colour as your guide to chose the most appropriate and stylish accessories. Consider any theme or colours chosen for the wedding. Even the bridesmaids dress styles can offer helpful clues to achieving the perfect complementary style.
Having something bespoke – made especially for you – is a way of ensuring that you get the best possible colour, style and fit you are looking for. Don’t forget, as we say at State Of Grace  “Beauty comes from authenticity” so you are always going to look your best when you are natural, comfortable and expressing your unique style and personality.